Discover Artists & Collect Unique Artwork From LUXOR ART GALLERY

Based in Egypt, Luxor Art Gallery is a permanent exhibition space dedicated to promoting local contemporary fine art, showcasing Egypt’s extraordinary artists, and presenting new and international talent. Located in Ramla on the West Bank of Luxor. Luxor Art Gallery opened in November 2018.

The Luxor Art Gallery website is a portal to discovering Luxor’s artists, displaying past, present, and future exhibitions, connecting art collectors with talent, and also provides online sales.

Luxor Art Gallery is an opportunity to highlight exceptional cultural significance for Egypt by:

  • providing opportunities for Upper Egyptian (southern rural) contemporary artists, including women and men of all ages, to showcase their work to a global audience, including international tourists and online contemporary art communities;

  • emphasize Luxor as a significant cultural destination not only for its ancient heritage, but also as a contemporary art establishment;

  • and as a positive collaboration between Egyptians and Americans, as well as other international art colleagues.