Discover Artists & Collect Unique Artwork From LUXOR ART GALLERY

Based in Egypt, Luxor Art Gallery is a permanent exhibition space dedicated to promoting local contemporary fine art, showcasing Egypt’s extraordinary artists, and presenting new and international talent. Located in Ramla on the West Bank of Luxor. Luxor Art Gallery opened in November 2018.

The Luxor Art Gallery website is a portal to discovering Luxor’s artists, displaying past, present, and future exhibitions, connecting art collectors with talent, and also provides online sales.

Luxor Art Gallery is an opportunity to highlight exceptional cultural significance for Egypt by:

  • providing opportunities for Upper Egyptian (southern rural) contemporary artists, including women and men of all ages, to showcase their work to a global audience, including international tourists and online contemporary art communities;

  • emphasize Luxor as a significant cultural destination not only for its ancient heritage, but also as a contemporary art establishment;

  • and as a positive collaboration between Egyptians and Americans, as well as other international art colleagues.

Manager & Co-Founder

Sayed Qinawy is a Luxor born Arts & Culture Event Manager.

Sayed managed Sambolik Art Gallery at the Winter Palace in Luxor until 2011, and worked as an art assistant for over a decade, preparing gallery installations, framing, shipping, and sales. He has worked with the Faculty of Fine Art, South Valley University as an Exhibition Organizer.

Fluent in Arabic and English, with a wholehearted skill in hospitality and networking, he has developed excellent art contacts throughout Luxor and Cairo, as well as the expatriate and international communities.

Curator & Co-Founder

Dominique Navarro is an Emmy Award winning art director, author & illustrator of numerous publications with American University in Cairo Press, and is currently working in Luxor, Egypt, as an epigraphic artist.

She graduated from the University of California Los Angeles School of the Arts and Architecture, and was an intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, where she helped prepare educational material and gave docent tours. In 2017, she was invited to participate in the 5th Upper Egypt Art Salon and was a member of the selection committee.

A message from the Curator about Luxor Art Gallery:

I have been seeking out contemporary artists in Luxor for years, trying to understand what contemporary art means in a city that is known as an ancient necropolis. Tourists come from across the globe to see the temples and tombs of the past, in awe of the divine reliefs and sculptures of the ancient Egyptians. But what about the living artists and their work?

What I discovered, gradually, is that art is alive and thriving in Luxor despite its lack of opportunity to be seen. Thanks to the art school with its talented professors and inspired students, there is a life force for contemporary art, yet there are seldom any opportunities to see such work, with only a few brief exhibitions in limited venues each year.

Luxor needs a permanent, contemporary art gallery. Luxor needs Luxor Art Gallery.

While Cairo will always be the cultural center for Egypt’s art scene, there is something about southern Egyptian contemporary art that you can’t find in the big city… The rural south—full of its traditions and sunlight, folklore and dust, its ancient influences and striving future—is captured and interpreted in fresh, vivid ways by its contemporary artists. It is uniquely its own. It is exciting to discover, astonishing to explore, and exhilarating to share because it is so overlooked and underestimated. 

I truly believe that Luxor Art Gallery is a necessity and invaluable to the artists, the community, and to all Luxor’s visitors seeking an enlightening experience. It is a glimpse of the living, breathing soul of a transforming city.

-Dominique Navarro, Curator of Luxor Art Gallery