Ahmed El-Shafei احمد الشافعى     "The pharaoh returned to his homeland, and tomb on the western bank... Amongst the ancient kings of Egypt, he returns to his luster and strength in the place that suits him, accompanied by mercy, forgiveness, and the power of his gods. Accompanied by prayers throughout the ages, symbols of historical dimensions, and stories of the homeland expressing the glories of their origins, we find the paintings of this exhibition." —Ahmed El-Shafei

Luxor Art Gallery is pleased to present the ambitious artwork of Ahmed El Shafei. His immense paintings—created with mixed media and experimentation with fire, smoke, charcoal, and oils—overwhelm the viewer in dreamscapes that are like portals to Egypt's ancient past, passing through unearthly dimensions that transcend time, like a vision quest. To be in a room surrounded with Ahmed's art must be akin to standing in a temple itself, confronted with sacred manifestations. Here is a voice from a true heir of Egypt's great and ancient divinity, speaking devoutly of his ancestors, full of faith and passion, inspired and reverent, yet original, exciting, and contemporary. —D.N.

"Using the expression of colors of Egyptian origin, inspired by ancient Egyptian paintings and formations, influenced by the longitudinal, proportions, and the treatment of spaces in a modern way, and reaffirming that ancient Egyptian art preceded its time." —Ahmed El-Shafei 


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