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Ahmed Magdy احمد مجدي     Ancient Egyptian statues and sculptures—from colossal figures to obelisks as seen throughout Luxor—are perhaps the most profound and breathtaking examples of human achievement and creativity, in pursuit of perfection and perpetuity through the raw, flawed materials of earth’s stones. Contemporary Egyptian sculptor Ahmed Magdy follows in his ancestors footsteps, and does honor to his predecessors through his daring artwork. Unrestrained in scope, scale, nor shape, Ahmed’s work defies conventional expectations of sculpture and even gravity, producing dense formations that hover on their foundations as though yearning to take flight, challenging perpendiculars with angles that curve, slant, and twist with organic spirit, manipulating light and shadow. The aerodynamic architecture of birds is a strong influence for Ahmed: the stone unfurls its wings, teeters on narrow limbs, and seeks the freedom of the air, unbounded and limitless. Ahmed’s creative vision is also without limits, as he seeks a new language to convey the immortal power of the human spirit. —D.N.


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