Ahmed Mohey Hamza احمد محى حمزة     Ahmed Mohey Hamza’s recent exhibition at the Museum of Egyptian Modern Art in Cairo presented a prodigious, sophisticated, and thoughtful series of paintings by the artist. Like memories—distorted by the gauze of time and hazy recollection—we see visions of encounters with people, both faces and crowds, blurred by layers of painted textures, collage, gold and silver leafing, and vibrant colors. His work is personal and intimate, and resonants with an Egyptian intensity: noisy, hectic, and wonderfully alive. Wandering the gallery of his paintings is much like roaming through a Luxor suq, with one’s eyes darting from one fascinating face to another, distracted by the hustle and commotion, the endless hues and striking patterns, the bold and flashy in contrast to the  ornamental and sublte. A professor of art in Luxor with a commitment to exhibiting the artwork of his fellow Egyptians and students, Ahmed is a promising and brilliant artist himself, and represents the very best of Luxor’s contemporary artists. —D.N.


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