Ali Hassaan علي حسان With a subdued palette highlighted by vibrant colors, Ali Hassan’s paintings are the quintessence of rural Egypt and Luxor life. His landscapes capture the minimalism of the desert with its saturated light, dense golden fields of wheat in the time of the harvest, or the vastness of “blue horizons” as he explores the Red Sea coast of Hala’ib and Gebel Elba with is mangroves, sand dunes, and sea vistas. His drawing sketches reveal a discerning eye for details with bold lines and dense colors, rambling street scenes of a peculiar clutter and chaos uniquely Egyptian. And his portraits are always memorable: from the proud fellahin (farmer) women whose dense black gallabia is like a pillar of strength in the landscape, to the men and their horse carriages, weathered but enduring like the ancient temples in the background. There is no doubt as to Ali’s commitment to his craft, the dedicated and compassionate study of his subjects, and the honoring of a time and place that is tethered to the past. —D.N.


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