Ayman Kadry أيمن قدري     Ayman Kadry’s artwork is always intriguing, unpredictable, and sometimes ominous. In the lobby of the Faculty of Fine Art, South Valley University in Luxor, his immense pencil artwork predominates the room not just for the skill with which it was rendered, but the severity of his subject matter: melancholy figures in a rubble landscape of bones and artifacts, conjuring to mind ancient Egyptian predecessors. He is a gifted draftsman, but shows his true fortitude in his colorful woodcut prints. Replacing a fine point pencil with jagged tools, bold lines and unexpected details emerge. His precisely rendered city and landscape studies of Luxor are exchanged for surreal imagery and a return to primitivism. Once again, there’s an ode to the ancients with figures drawn in profile and endless symbolism, as though one might be able to read the images like poetry. Ayman’s best work may be yet to come as we experience his explorations in each piece, and it makes for a very exciting journey to look forward to. —D.N.


(Egypt) +20 111 125 8045 or luxorartgallery@gmail.com