Brian Flynn بريان فلين     Ever a journey, both for the artist and his audience, the artwork of Brian Flynn never ceases to explore fantastic realms and spiritual visions. Using a luminous color palette including gold and silver leaf, he immerses us into palpable, intimate moments between beings, and lush environments that feel like galaxies moving, metal melting, and roots burrowing. His series “Duat”—referencing an Ancient Egyptian funerary text exploring the underworld—takes us on a visual wandering through evocative spaces that fill one with a sense of morphic resonance, that tremble and undulate like celestial bodies, fissures, or hidden passages through the earth, oceans, and space. Ceaselessly prolific, Brian’s still lifes, landscapes, and especially his figurative compositions are poignant and divine: mermaids plunge into radiant depths; native figures dance, sing, and quiver in the midst of joyful ceremonies and ritual mysteries; and birds linger, listen, and soar. With his studio in Luxor for over a decade, Brian has found reverie and inspiration in the rural life of the West Bank. —D.N.

According to the hermetic maxim ‘as above, so below‘, the outer is also a reflection of the inner, and vice versa… To capture traces of the divine in the human figure is a vital feature of [my] work, and the Egyptian people are a perfect vehicle for this. From farmers in the fields to men at prayer; in portraits or Sufi rituals, fragments of the divine light shine through, revealing the hidden behind the visible surface. —Brian Flynn


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