Marwa Ezzt مروة عزت     The fantastical dream imagery of Marwa Ezzt’s unique imaginings takes us on a private journey into a different kind of feminine, and a different glimpse into the intimate, private world of an Egyptian woman. Here, the light is muted in a green haze with sparkles of light shimmering through, and one is never lonely in the company of whimsical figures and beings that appear like apparitions. There is an ominous sensation in her art, like being under a magic spell, or trying to wake from a slumber with that feeling in which one does not know what is real and what is hallucinatory. Marwa’s work is enigmatic and peculiar, divine and bizarre, full of depth yet claustrophobic, calculated and unpredictable. She leaves us guessing, and curious to follow her artistic explorations. —D.N.


(Egypt) +20 111 125 8045 or luxorartgallery@gmail.com