Untitled (Woman and Donkey with Pomegranates)
Untitled (Donkeys and Hoopoes with Pomegranates), $1100
Untitled (Women Working a Field), $1500
Untitled (Suq with Moz), $400
Untitled (Girls on a Donkey Cart), $325
Untitled (Fellahin and Donkeys)
Untitled (Women Celebrating), $1700
Untitled (Women Dancing), $450
Untitled (Women in a Blue Room), $400
Untitled (Two Women)
Untitled (Two Donkeys), $950
Untitled (Two Donkeys Up Close), $750
Untitled (Three Men on Donkeys)
Untitled (Men in a Green Room)
Untitled (The Cafe)
Untitled (Men in a Green Cafe)
Untitled (Sufi Night)
Untitled (Men at a Celebration)
Untitled (Men on Rugs)
Untitled (Men on Round Rugs)
Untitled (Men Harvesting Sugar Cane)
Untitled (Men in a Cafe)
Untitled (Gathering of Men)
Sketch (Family with Two Blue Donkeys)
Sketch (Two Girls on a Blue Donkey)
Sketch (Family with a Blue Donkey)
Sketch (Family on a Donkey Cart)
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