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Soul to Soul روح الى روح — Aboelhamd & Flynn Exhibit

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Soul to Soul روح الى روح
Alaa Aboelhamd & Brian Flynn Exhibition
Opening 20 October, Sunday 6pm
at Luxor Art Gallery

Two of Luxor Art Gallery's favorite artists go "Soul to Soul" for this unique exhibition in anticipation of Opera Aida in Luxor.

Alaa Aboelhamd is an elusive, intriguing artist. Like déjà vu, his paintings feel familiar, yet they are rare to encounter and mystifying to experience. A significant, potent painter whose works speaks boldly of the past and the present, Alaa brings a sensibility and benevolence to all his portraits of Egyptian men and women: ethereal beings who are both vulnerable flesh and eternal souls, tied to their histories yet ever living for the future. There is simply a timelessness to his paintings. They are sublime works of art, full of grace, heritage, and hope. We are honored to exhibit his work at Luxor Art Gallery.

Ever a journey, both for the artist and his audience, the artwork of Brian Flynn never ceases to explore fantastic realms and spiritual visions. Using a luminous color palette including gold and silver leaf, he immerses us into palpable, intimate moments between beings, and lush environments that feel like galaxies moving, metal melting, and roots burrowing. Ceaselessly prolific, Brian’s still lifes, landscapes, and especially his figurative compositions are poignant and divine. With his studio in Luxor for over a decade, Brian has found reverie and inspiration in the rural life of the West Bank.