Susan Osgood سوزان أوسجود     Susan Osgood’s artwork is a sensory experience, arousing memories of places and feelings, lost in time. Influenced by over 30 years working in Luxor as an archaeological artist, her paintings and prints evoke the light, desert, sea, and Nile of Egypt. She says, “I find that the process of making art is a form of travel, giving the sense of being in unfamiliar territory, and the wonder of discovery.” Osgood explores a variety of materials and methods to make her work, such as antiquated maps, powdered pigments, and collage. Her prints entitled “Red Sea Series” are intense, unraveling imagery, like being caught and drifting in the depths underwater; while her “Map of Water” prints takes inspiration from the meandering Nile River and its mythical history. Staring into these images, one feels as though they are gazing into water with its uncanny ability to reflect and transform, distort and disappear what we see and what we thought we saw. Her “Map Series” and “Qurna Travels” are influenced by her many wanderings and encounters with the land in Luxor, always filled with the immediacy of the present but lingering in the ancient past. “Saved Messages” is another favorite, taking inspiration from her work in the temples to discern carved hieroglyphs and primitive graffiti, obscured and weathered by time. —D.N.

“Often beginning with no image in mind, I am lost but traveling. I explore each mark and where it takes me. I stay observant, watchful within myself. Experiences weave together, informing one another. Colors rise to the surface and recede to depths, atmospheric spaces emerge and luminous shapes appear. Gradually an image surfaces and takes hold, bringing with it memories and emotions.” —Susan Osgood


(Egypt) +20 111 125 8045 or luxorartgallery@gmail.com