Yarko Kobylecky ياركو كوبيليكي     Luxor Art Gallery is honored to present the distinguished, exemplary work of photographer Yarko Kobylecky. Yarko has been working as a professional photographer in Luxor since 1993, documenting innumerable artworks in temples and tombs for posterity in publications. His creative eye, dedication to the his craft with his extraordinary ingenuity, and his passion for Egypt past and present, shine through in every individual photo he takes. 

The view through a large format camera ground glass screen, although always reversed, has offered me the wonderful opportunity to compose the picture, study and wait for the light, perhaps to see what others have already seen or to explore the yet unrecognized. For a long time I have been photographing nature, starting with wooden 8 x 10 inch and 5 x 7 inch cameras, and eventually settling on a smaller metal 4 x 5 inch field camera. These images were photographed in various places in the Egyptian Western and Eastern Deserts and at different Temples in Egypt and Turkey. Each photograph is digitally scanned from 4 x 5 inch or 6 x 9 cm negatives, some images have been photographed with a digital camera. —Yarko Kobylecky

Since 1993 Yarko has been working as the photographer with the Epigraphic Survey of the University of Chicago at Chicago House in Luxor, Egypt.

“In the desert there is anything and nothing. It is God without mankind.” —Honoré de Balzac


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