"Return of the Pharaoh"

Ahmed El-Shafei Solo Exhibition: "Return of the Pharaoh"

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March 2019 at Luxor Art Gallery

Luxor Art Gallery celebrates the first solo exhibition in Luxor of artist Dr. Ahmed El-Shafei: "Return of the Pharaoh"

Presenting over 20 massive artworks inspired by ancient Egypt, Ahmed El-Shafei's ambitious paintings—created with mixed media and experimentation with fire, smoke, charcoal, and oils—overwhelm the viewer in dreamscapes that are like portals to the past, passing through unearthly dimensions that transcend time, like a vision quest. To be in a room surrounded with Ahmed's art is akin to standing in a temple itself, confronted with sacred manifestations. Here is a voice from a true heir of Egypt's great and ancient divinity, speaking devoutly of his ancestors, full of faith and passion, inspired and reverent, yet original, exciting, and contemporary.

"The pharaoh returned to his homeland, and tomb on the western bank... Amongst the ancient kings of Egypt, he returns to his luster and strength in the place that suits him, accompanied by mercy, forgiveness, and the power of his gods. Accompanied by prayers throughout the ages, symbols of historical dimensions, and stories of the homeland expressing the glories of their origins, we find the paintings of this exhibition." —Ahmed El-Shafei

يسر معرض الأقصر للفنون أن يقدم الفنان الطموح الدكتور أحمد الشافعي . و لوحاته ذات المساحات الهائلة - التي تم إنشاؤها باستخدام وسائط مختلفة والتجريب باستخدام اللهب والدخان والفحم والألوان الزيتية و الأكاسيد المعدنية و الخامات المتعددة الأخرى - حيث تغلب على المشاهد فصاغها كالأحلام التي تشبه البوابات إلى الماضي المصرى القديم ، ويمر عبر أبعاد غير متناهية تتجاوز الوقت ، مثل البحث عن الرؤية و الحقيقة. عندما تكون في غرفة محاطة بفنه أقرب إلى الوقوف في المعبد نفسه ، في مواجهة مظاهر مقدسة. إليكم صوت من وريث حقيقي لألوهية العظيمة والقديمة في مصر ، ويتحدث بإخلاص عن أسلافه ، المليء بالإيمان والعاطفة ، الملهم والموقر ، ولكنه أصلي ومثير ومعاصر

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جاليري الأقصر يستضيف أعمال الفنان أحمد الشافعي | صور

Brandon Terzic Performs

Master Oud Musician Brandon Terzic Performs at Luxor Art Gallery

Oud musician Brandon Terzic is in Luxor! Come hear him perform live at Luxor Art Gallery on Sunday night at 6pm!

Mastering the Arabic Oud and the Malian Ngoni, he has studied with the Griot musicians of Senegal and the Gnawa of Morocco which inspired his unique approach to his instruments, firmly entrenched in tradition...

Listen to his music here: https://xalamproject.bandcamp.com/album/brandon-terzic-xalam-project

Learn more about Brandon on his website: https://bterzic.com/

3rd Exhibition Opening

3 Month Anniversary of Luxor Art Gallery and Exhibition Opening!!!

2nd Luxor Art Gallery Group Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who attended our opening reception for the 2nd Luxor Art Gallery Exhibition! The new exhibition is open 11am to 11pm everyday! Come back and visit and be sure to sign our guest book!

Evening of Art & Friends Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy an evening of art, music and conversation with us under the full moon. The gallery is open 11am to 11pm everyday. Come back and visit and be sure to sign our guest book! Thank you to all!


Friday, November 23, 2018

FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Full moon, fire, music, art and great people! See you there!


This Friday, June 23, 5-10 PM join us for an evening of conversation, art, music, and friends. Meet some of the artists! And if you haven't had a chance to see the exhibition, come by! 

Invitation artwork by Britt Boutros Ghali بريت بطرس غالي

See the PRICE LIST from the Exhibition:

Luxor Art Gallery 
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Grand Opening Exhibition Event Photos

We are honored to have had the presence of hundreds of our friends, artists, colleagues and guests at our Grand Opening Exhibition for Luxor Art Gallery! Words cannot express our awe and appreciation of the support, enthusiasm, and excitement expressed by everyone who came! The gallery is NOW OPEN 11am to 11pm everyday! Come back and visit and be sure to sign our guest book!!! Thank you to all!


On exhibit from November 10 to mid-December, 2018.




Showcasing creations of local and international artists, Luxor Art Gallery is giving a lifeline to the city's contemporary art scene.

As one of Egypt’s most historical areas, Luxor is a treasure trove of temples and artifacts that tell tales of another time. It’s no surprise then, that some of the country’s most talented artists are emerging from a gem that is filled with inspiration at every turn, from its historical monuments, to its beautiful greenery. Shedding light on these talents, is the most recently inaugurated Luxor Art Gallery, set to open its door on the banks of Luxor in November.

The Luxor Art Gallery is showcasing the works of both local talents and non-local artists who've found their inspiration within the city's beauties. 

The grand opening exhibition, which will be on the 10th of November is set to feature 19 artists, including some of Luxor’s most sought after talents, the likes of Alaa Awad, Ali Hassaan, Yousra Hafad, Ahmed Saber, Brian Flynn, Wael Nour, and Shaza Khalid, among others.

Coming as an initiative aiming to provide a platform for Upper Egyptian contemporary artists, the gallery looks to place these artists under the spotlight and gives them an outlet into global recognition. As Luxor is already a popular destination among tourists, the gallery’s location in the birthplace of the world's civilisation, is optimal to showcasing local contemporary artists.

The gallery will also be putting Luxor back on the map as a cultural destination that celebrates both its past and its future in showcasing its contemporary talents as well as taking pride in their monuments from a time foregone.

Luxor, which already boasts of its own art school at the South Valley University, does not yet have any galleries for local artists to showcase their works as well as to display them to those coming in from all over the world to experience the city.

These artists draw the inspiration of their works from having been bred in Luxor or having come and fallen in love with its heritage and beautiful landscapes.


Experience a virtual exhibition video of Luxor Art Gallery and discover some of our favorite artists that we feature on luxorartgallery.com and who are invited to particpate in our first exhibition in Fall 2018!